Minimising Factory Disruption With Your Resin Floor System


Minimising Factory Disruption With Your Resin Floor System

It’s no secret that factories are busy places, with hundreds of people involved in the production of goods, whether it be food, drinks, or any manufacturing setting.

Factory shutdowns have to be carefully planned for months in advance, and any unexpected delays in production will have a detrimental impact on business.

With Brexit now firmly behind us, you may be looking to extend your factory or add new production lines or capacity, yet how can this be achieved whilst still being able to continue to produce and trade at the same time?

In this post, we explore how a unique resin flooring system from Acrylicon can help you.

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Acrylicon Resin Floor Definition, Made Simple

Put simply Acrylicon is a thermoplastic resin that combines the hard-wearing properties of Polyurethane with the cure time of MMA.

By combining the effective properties of both PU and MMA, you get a long-lasting, easy to clean, food safe and durable resin floor AND a fast-track installation that reduces the disruption from works.


A Convenient Installation Process To Reduce Disruption

Acrylicon has a cure time of 1-2 hours, so any potential disruption to production is immediately mitigated.

Despite this, however, our team are more than willing to complete a flooring installation during your least busy shift – or even overnight.

As you can imagine, this will greatly reduce the time and overall cost of the project.


“Tented Working Areas”

If working outside of operating hours isn’t viable, you need to ensure that a resin floor installation won’t impact production in any way, which is why we recommend you choose a company that will incorporate a self-contained “tented” working area.

So, for example, if your resin floor is for a new line, other factory lines can still continue to work on either side. To see how this was made achievable, check out our Unilever Purfleet project.


Partition Walls & Negative Pressure Ventilation

Of course, in food production facilities, hygiene is the number one priority.

In this instance, you should expect your resin floor supplier to utilise partition walls and set up negative pressure ventilation to ensure that the “clean side” is totally protected from the working area. This was achieved during our Cranswick, Milton Keynes and Tunnocks, Glasgow projects.


Can Food Get Tainted Or Spoiled During A Resin Floor Installation?

This is a common – and reasonable – query we get asked.

All resin floors will give off a vapour during installation, but it’s the vapours that do not smell that you’ll have to watch out for. PU and Epoxy floors give off odourless vapours, which, of course, are difficult to detect and deal with.

With Acrylicon, on the other hand, the non-toxic vapour naturally given off during installation has a smell. That means that the installers can detect and deal with it easily. Adequate ventilation on every project is also key to ensuring it is managed, and after full cure (just 2 hours) the smell is gone. So, ironically, the smell actually REDUCES the risk of taint.

It’s important to note that many companies have had new floors from Acrylicon in large extensions while still producing, and not a single product has been tainted or spoilt.



Acrylicon has been supporting the Food and Beverage Industry for over 40 years, and we can help you too – Simply:

  • Contact us and one of our project managers will visit the site and carry out a free site survey.
  • We create a bespoke proposal with suitable products and an installation schedule that fits your production.
  • We manufacture AND install the floor to the highest standards (we are Safe Contractor Approved and experienced working in Food Safe Environments)
  • We provide a 10-year warranty and lifetime guarantee against delamination.

Call us on 01480 276620 to book your survey and see how easy getting a new resin floor can be.


About Acrylicon

Acrylicon, the go-to industrial flooring company, has been implemented by Unilever, Walkers, McCain, Network Rail and many more companies that understand the cost implications of shutting down.

Their fast cure combined with the immense compressive strength saves you time, money and hassle when it comes to your industrial flooring. They can work at weekends or in business downtime to ensure minimal disruption to your daily processes.

With a life expectancy of up to 4-8 times longer than traditional resins, Acrylicon’s unique chemical composition ensures you get better value for money than from any other resin floor available.

Acrylicon’s long-lasting resin flooring is used across a variety of sectors including in food factories, commercial kitchens, warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets and car parks.

All new flooring comes with a 10-year performance warranty for complete peace of mind. Every installation is carried out by trained and certified regional installers so there are no split warranties.

essential Guide To Hygienic Surfaces In Commercial Kitchens

  • Author: John Marais
  • Date: 10th May 2021