Engineering & Electronics Resin Flooring

Acrylicon recognises that it is imperative for factory flooring to be both reliable and durable, which is why we have devised a bespoke formula to provide wear-resistant engineering and electronics resin flooring. Our specialist resin flooring is capable of withstanding heavy-duty mechanical stress making it ideal for factory use. It is entirely resistant to chemicals, abrasion, impact and fire meaning that you are guaranteed the safety of employees. The installation process is rapid meaning that there will be minimal downtime; this allows us to cause as little disruption to daily operations as possible.

Due to the proven life expectancy of over 20 years for all of our resin flooring systems, Acrylicon provides all clients with a 10-year performance guarantee. The guarantee covers your design, manufacturing and installation; this also includes the process of engineering and electronics resin flooring repairs on your existing system.

Why Choose Us

Worldwide Installations

As one of the leading providers of resin flooring, Acrylicon works on a worldwide basis. Since our establishment in 1977, we are now proud to provide services to 18 different location across the globe.

Trusted By Global Brands

As our resin flooring systems will not degrade nor become brittle, we have built up an exceptional reputation amongst various brands across the globe. Ask a member of our team for our references to find out more!

Durability & Strength

After years of trailing a number of different formulas, Acrylicon has narrowed down the key ingredients that guarantee both durability and strength on all of our specialist flooring systems.


Resilient and Hard-Wearing Flooring!

“Our Acrylicon flooring is resilient, hard-wearing and incredibly easy to clean. It allows us to continue our daily operations without having to worry about flooring beginning to deteriorate or causing hazards for employees. We were thrilled to hear that the flooring is also able to keep us safe from fire and chemicals. “

Michelle Simmons

10th November 2018

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