Long-lasting Resin Flooring

Since 1977, Acrylicon has been providing resin flooring of the highest compressive strength on the market. The unique chemical composition of our flooring means that some of our earliest jobs are still available to view, 30-40 years down the line. With a life expectancy of up to 4-8 times longer than traditional resins, you cannot get better value for money from any other resin floor available. Acrylicon resins are all manufactured exclusively by us and produced within our state-of-the-art factory based in Germany. Every installation is carried out by trained and certified regional installers so there are no split warranties. This ensures that our high standards are maintained throughout the manufacturing and installation process, retaining our reputation as providers of the long-lasting Resin flooring in the industry.

The science behind our reputable resin flooring remains to stand the test of time. We haven’t changed the formula since our 1977 origins, proving that the chemical composition making up our resin systems is the strongest around. Using the addition of a FibreGlass arming layer saturated with an Acrylicon semi-flexible resin, our floors can be armed with a crack-bridging layer, preventing any localised movement and upholding the water-resistant integrity. Unlike other resin floors, which only mechanically stick to the Substrate i.e, underlying layer, Acrylicon chemically fuses to it and with itself – creating a truly monolithic system. With no bond lines, delamination is a thing of the past.

Environmental Policy

As a company with a Norwegian ethos at its heart, Acrylicon is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. Our pledge to help the environment extends to our customers, our staff and the community in which we operate. For decades we have made flooring systems that are solvent free, low VOC and non-toxic, with most Acrylicon Systems built with a life expectancy of 20 years or more, making them incredibly sustainable. If the floor suffers any mechanical damage, it can be easily repaired and quickly refurbished, avoiding unnecessary removal and re-installation – helping to keep the demand on the world’s resources as low as possible.

The main components for the construction of an Acrylicon system are mixed together and installed on site. For most installations, there is very little waste, as any residual product can be recycled. Where possible, Acrylicon supplies materials in bulk using recyclable drum containers and canisters. At Acrylicon, even our manufacturing process creates minimal waste, and when it comes to waste disposal, we go the extra mile to recycle what we do generate. Almost all of the raw materials we use are procured within close proximity to our production facility.

What Makes Acrylic Resin Flooring Stand Out

Strongest Flooring System

Our unique formula is incredibly durable and lasts 4-8 times longer than standard resin flooring. Acrylicon resins use the latest technology to provide clients with the strongest flooring in the industry.

Easy Floor Installation

Unlike other resin flooring on the market, our curing time is exceptionally fast. Within 2 hours from installation, your new floors will be fully cured and ready to use.

10 Year Warranty

We are so confident in our technology, that all Acrylicon flooring comes with a 10 year warranty. Many clients have gone 15 years before needing any kind of maintenance.

Over 1000 Satisfied Clients

Servicing clients around the world means that we have a vast amount of satisfied customers. Once an Acrylicon resin floor has been laid, the likelihood of needing any further maintenance is extremely low.

18 Worldwide Locations

Due to continued demand from international clients, Acrylicon have offices around the world; including the UK, America, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

Established In 1977

Our formula continues to stand the test of time and hasn’t been changed since the 70s. Many of our original floors are still in a pristine condition and perfect working order.

Our History

Discover the fascinating history behind Acrylicon and the scientific development that lead to the strongest resin flooring in the world.


Take a look at the many leading bodies that have accredited Acrylicon and our unique technology. Our flooring is recognised worldwide as being the most durable and long lasting.

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