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Retail Resin Flooring

Acrylicon provides clients with aesthetically pleasing resin flooring that is capable of withstanding heavy traffic without showing any signs of deterioration. Not only does our proven strengthening formula enable resin flooring to endure the constant flow of shoppers, but also delivery lorries transporting stock in and out of the premises.

Retail environments have changed over the years. Far from simply being shop floors, they are now loading spaces and storage areas, deli counters and bakeries. With Acrylicon, even our decorative flooring range is still food safe, cleanable and extremely durable, well able to cope with pallet trucks and forklifts, reducing maintenance costs and disruption. Our Flake and Resin Terrazzo Systems are all fast cure and can be laid in a fraction of the time of traditional systems.

Why Choose Us

Worldwide Installations

With 18 offices across the globe in locations such as the UK, America and Egypt, Acrylicon is proud to work on a worldwide basis.

Over 1000 Satisfied Clients

Thanks to our rapid installation and curing time, our clients continue to be satisfied with all installation of systems and retail resin flooring repairs.

Strongest Flooring System

Our retail resin flooring is proven to last up to eight times longer than their traditional alternatives, making Acrylicon the provider of the strongest on the market.

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Couldn’t Be Happier!

“In 2009, we built a new mall with a section for our shops. We weren’t sure what type of flooring we should use. Someone told us about Acrylicon, so we asked a representative to visit our site. He spoke with us about our different needs, and after speaking with many of their references, we ultimately decided that Acrylicon was the obvious choice. We are very happy with everything about the floor. The easy cleaning and the attractive finish are amazing especially after all of the heavy use.”

Karen Craig

5th June 2018

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