Food & Beverage

For food safe flooring, choose an Acrylicon solution to remain fully compliant. Slip-resistant properties will also ensure that staff & customers remain safe.

Kitchen & Food Service

Both floor and wall hygiene approved resin flooring solutions are available to create a seamless finish, all of which are installed to guarantee full compliance with HSE guidelines.

Engineering & Electronics

For flooring applied over concrete surfaces, Acrylicon have solutions that are resistant to abrasion and scratching to improve longevity and holds up in the presence of oil, dirt and grease.


All Acrylicon flooring systems are manufactured with an advanced strengthening formula which allows surfaces to withstand a heavy footfall. Systems are equipped with slip-resistant properties to guarantee safety.


Ensuring that you achieve maximum cleanliness while in the pharmaceutical industry is imperative. When opting for Acrylicon bespoke resin flooring solutions, clients can be assured of durability, cleanablility and longevity.


With specific wall and decorative flake systems for use within hospitals, Acrylicon can provide ideal solutions that can be installed with minimum disruption to patients.


Our decorative and colourful flooring solutions not only look fantastic but can handle the heavy footfall supermarkets endure day in day out. We can also carry out installation overnight to minimise downtime.

Public Spaces

From leisure centres and sports facilities to football stadiums and train stations, Acrylicon provides clients with bespoke resin flooring solutions individually manufactured to meet their requirements.

Car Garages

Keep your car dealership looking impeccable with a brand new floor from Acrylicon. With the ability to handle heavy loads and be resistant to oil, our resin flooring provides the ideal solution.

Car Parks

Using flooring enforced with a multi-grip technology, Acrylicon is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Aviation & Aerospace

For over three decades, AcryliCon have been at the forefront of specialist flooring solutions for the Aviation and Aerospace industry, due to our high strength floorings boasting unparalleled longevity and chemical resistance.