Minimising Shut Down Time With The Right Restaurant Resin Floor


Minimising Shut Down Time With The Right Restaurant Resin Floor

When needing to complete maintenance on a floor in an active restaurant, all costs need to be factored in. These costs aren’t just how much the floor is to maintain as downtime plays an important role.

Some floor replacements can take a while to cure and during this period it is necessary for the floor to be off-limits.

This causes temporary closure, which can result in the restaurant losing out on revenue.


How Long Does It Take To Replace A Resin Floor?

Completion time varies with each project, as well as what is required for each case. If a repair is needed, then downtime will be a lot less, as it will be easier to close off a small area of a kitchen. However, a full replacement floor can take much longer and depending on the resin used, could take up to a week.

The most commonly used resin in the UK is PU which comes from the Thermoset family of plastics. This can usually take around 3-5 hours to dry and 3-5 days to fully cure, depending on temperature and even longer at lower temperatures.

As PU is applied in 2 layers, in the form of a primer and a body coat or screed, it can take a long time to complete the job, especially after factoring in the removal of the section of damaged or broken flooring, drying out the area and preparing the substrate and priming. You then have to wait for the primer to dry before installing the screed or body coat.

This usually results in needing 2 days just to complete. The client then needs to wait a further 3-5 days for the floor to be ready to use. What you need to ask is, “can your kitchen afford to be closed for a full week”?

However, Acrylicon’s resin floor repairs can fully cure in 2 hours, reducing the need for downtime. With its high compressive strength, it is the strongest resin flooring available and the only one to offer a comprehensive 10-year guarantee on new floors.


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Minimising Disruption In Restaurant Kitchens

We understand that you can’t put an entire kitchen on hold for a day; it’s simply not possible in an active kitchen.

To ensure the entire space can be done whilst your restaurant can carry on operating, we can complete the floor in sections, as well as also completing the floor outside of opening hours. This is the way we managed the new resin flooring at the Shangri-la in the shard without interrupting service.

Acrylicon will work with you to ensure the job is completed as efficiently and convenient for you as possible, as we understand your business can’t afford to go on hold.


Hygienic Flooring For Kitchens & Restaurants

Both Epoxy and PU are types of resin from the Thermoset family of plastics. To find out more about how different types of resin vary in cure time click here.

Thermoset plastics only cure once, so each layer is stuck to the dried layer below leaving bond lines.

When exposed to a crack or impact damage, these layers can delaminate and make a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. This poses a risk to the hygiene of the flooring in your restaurant kitchen.

When repaired with Epoxy or PU, the damaged area is cut out, new flooring is installed and joints are left around the patch.

These joints will eventually open, allowing for water and dirt to penetrate the floor. The result of this is delamination starts again and a larger patch of floor is now required to repair.

MMA (methyl-methacrylate) and Acrylicon are from the Thermoplastic family of resins. These resins can cure and un-cure, as they are reactivated by uncured resin. There is therefore no risk of delamination within the flooring system, as there are no joints.

This is also more hygienic, as there is nowhere for bacteria to reside and grow within the floor, which is essential in a kitchen environment.


Contact Acrylicon

Acrylicon can perform floor repairs at weekends and out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

To arrange a free no-obligation floor survey from one of our local experts, get in touch.


About Acrylicon

Acrylicon, the go-to industrial flooring company, has been implemented by Unilever, Walkers, McCain, Network Rail and many more companies that understand the cost implications of shutting down.

Their fast cure combined with the immense compressive strength saves you time, money and hassle when it comes to your industrial flooring. They can work at weekends or in business downtime to ensure minimal disruption to your daily processes.

With a life expectancy of up to 4-8 times longer than traditional resins, Acrylicon’s unique chemical composition ensures you get better value for money than from any other resin floor available.

Acrylicon’s long-lasting resin flooring is used across a variety of sectors including in food factories, commercial kitchens, warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets and car parks.

All new flooring comes with a 10-year performance warranty for complete peace of mind. Every installation is carried out by trained and certified regional installers so there are no split warranties.

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  • Author: Adam Clements
  • Date: 21st Dec 2020