Industrial Flooring: Are You Safe From Radon?

While every building and industrial flooring has Radon, in most areas, the levels are low and do not cause significant harm.

However, some buildings fall into a “Radon Affected Areas” which means that they have higher levels and must be tested for Radon.

High levels can be reduced by simple building works, or by use of radon-proof industrial flooring.

Acrylicon Decor And Flake Systems Now Certified Radon-Proof

Acrylicon Flake and Decor Systems have now been certified to be Radon-proof and will prevent Radon from passing through, offering added protection for industrial flooring.

All our acrylic resin floors cure in under 2 hours are manufactured and installed by ourselves and come with a 10-year warranty.

Industrial Flooring: What Is Radon, And Why Is It A Health Risk?

Radon is a colourless, odourless radioactive gas. It is formed by the radioactive decay of the small amounts of uranium that occur naturally in all rocks and soils.

The radioactive elements formed by the decay of Radon can be inhaled and enter our lungs.

Inside the lungs, these elements continue to decay and emit radiation, most importantly, alpha particles; these are absorbed by the nearby lung tissues and cause localised damage.

Based on the severity, the damage caused by Radon can lead to lung cancer.

Check out this Interactive Radon Map:

The Three Steps To Manage Radon In Buildings

  • Check – Is your property in a Radon Affected Area? Click below to visit UK Radon’s website for interactive maps to check your area.
  • Measure – If you are in a Radon Affected Area, you should order a radon measurement pack for your workplace.
  • Act – If the radon level is high, you should reduce it using simple building works and installing Radon-poof flooring.

As the UK’s primary experts on radiation protection, Public Health England (PHE) represents a significant nationwide resource for the public, industry, education, research and medicine.

It is the primary resource for advice about Radon in the UK. Click the link below to visit their helpful website and learn more.

For more information on Radon, you can take a look at the UK Radon Website.

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  • Author: John Marais
  • Date: 10th Jun 2019