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Kitchen & Food Service Resin Flooring

When working in the kitchen and food service industry, you need a resin flooring that not only performs well, but looks great, too.

For those reasons, your resin flooring needs to overcome key challenges, including:

  • Business down-time. Can your (or your client’s) business afford to be out of action for too long?
  • A resin floor that’s on-brand. Customers, as humans, make impressions based on what they see. You need a resin floor that is a positive brand reflection and in-keeping with the image you wish to present to them.
  • Hygiene and cleanliness – it goes without saying – you need a solution that makes cleaning easy, yet effective


It can be difficult to achieve all three challenges, particularly when working with resin floors, but with Acrylicon success is guaranteed.

A System That Provides Full Protection

Your kitchen and food service setting may require a system for both floor and wall.

With Acrylicon’s Unique resin, you have the option to install your Acrylicon system to both walls and floors, ensuring full protection against bacteria, slips and other hazards synonymous with food and beverage facilities, as well as the ability to create a monolithic, highly cleanable surface up to the ceiling.

Intricately designed and boasting outstanding compressive strength, you get a solution that is not only designed to repel bacteria, but one that can be cleaned with ease.

Slip Resistance Guaranteed for Your Food and Beverage Factory

When specifying a resin flooring solution for your restaurant, hotel or other kitchen or food setting, you need to ensure optimal slip-resistance.

Acrylicon resin floors are fully compliant with HSE slip-resistance regulations and can be tailored to your specific needs.

A Tailored Installation Process

All steps of the installation process are carefully tailored to meet your business requirements. Acrylicon can begin by creating a bespoke installation plan that is focused around your working hours to ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum.

That’s right. We can work outside of business hours, if necessary.

Our specially trained, certified teams are capable of not only installing systems, but also completing food and beverage resin flooring repairs in a fraction of the time required for traditional resin floors.

We will provide ongoing support, even after the installation process. For added peace of mind, Acrylicon will return to your premises for an annual health check.

Advantages of Acrylicon Resin Floors

Is downtime, constant repairing and bacteria build-up causing unnecessary stress and financial burden to your or your client’s business? That’s what we have found with traditional resin flooring options.

With Acrylicon resin flooring, here are the facts:

  • 2-hour cure time
  • Chemical stability
  • Chemical resistance
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Superior compressive strength

Resulting in:

  • Better hygiene
  • Less downtime
  • A longer-lasting, stronger solution

Click here to see the full advantages.

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What Makes Acrylicon Resin Flooring Stand Out

Worldwide Installations

Due to the ongoing success of Acrylicon, we are capable of providing bespoke resin flooring systems to clients across the globe.

Trusted By Global Brands

Our specially trained and certified worldwide teams are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to all clients – this is just one of the many reasons as to why we are trusted by leading brands.

Durability & Strength

Acrylicon has spent years pinpointing the most effective materials to enable us to guarantee both strength and durability to our clients.


Flooring Stands The Test Of Time!

“Superb project management by Kester Harvey and his team. Detailed planning and risk assessments (RAMS) followed by punctual execution of the task – every time. The factory team were very impressed and commented on the standard of workmanship and walk away standards demonstrated by the Acrylicon team of craftsmen involved.”

Mr Stan Watts from Marston Foods

13th October 2018


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