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With the capacity to hold 34,988 supporters, the Riverside Stadium is the home of the Middlesbrough Football Club. During the design and construction process in 1995, the main area of concern was for long-lasting resin flooring.

Not only did the stadium require flooring that looked aesthetically pleasing, but it also needed to remain durable to the millions of footfall.

The industrial flooring needed to be installed quickly and would be able to handle being cleaned up after 30,000 people, 40-50 times a year.

Making the wrong flooring decision would have proven a costly operation to resolve.

When the designers of the Riverside Stadium contacted us, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to join the project. We opted for showing them an example of Acrylicon flooring that we installed 15 years ago in Norway.

Although the flooring was over 10 years old, it still remained as good as new and was incredibly easy to keep clean – Middlesbrough Football Club was impressed.

We spent time discussing the different features of Acrylicon flooring, highlighting the fact that all systems came alongside a fast curing and installation time, extreme longevity, a number of aesthetically pleasing colours and a non-stick surface that was particularly resistant to chewing gum.

Middlesbrough Football Club was immediately won over and enlisted the help of Acrylicon to install their flooring.

In a short period of time, 4000m.sq. of Acrylicon Flake System flooring was laid at approximately 1-2mm thick. The overall construction process of the Riverside Stadium took only 32 weeks.

Now, 24 years and over 200 million footfall later, the flooring is still performing the precise job that it was bought for, without one penny spent on maintenance.

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Long-lasting Resin Flooring For Middlesbrough Football Club
Butchers Client Testimonial

Looks As Good Today…

“Middlesbrough FC Stadium installed the Acrylicon Flake resin system throughout their stadium concourses and walkways in 1995. To date, they have had over 10 million footfall on their floors and have spent little or no money on maintenance. The floors continue to be resilient, hard-wearing and easy to clean. They also look smart and show no sign of ageing, which is quite unique for a resin floor that is over 20 years old. Entrances have been treated with extra slip resistance for added safety. The floors continue to perform as they did from day one; they don’t show any signs of ageing and cope with a lot of traffic from the public as well as pallet trucks and scissor lifts.”

Darren Kearton

14th January 2017

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