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The complexity of supermarket shop floors has somewhat intensified over the last decade. Not only do supermarkets stock groceries and ingredients, but also ‘ready to eat’ solutions. With this in mind, there is now a growing need for multiple flooring solutions to meet the requirements of hot counters, delis and bakeries – Acrylicon has the answer!

With a variety of different decorative flooring ranges available, Acrylicon specialises in providing durable supermarket resin flooring that is capable of maintaining clean, sleek aesthetics. All flooring solutions are entirely slip-resistant meaning that there are no safety hazards. Any cleaning operations can be completed with ease both after and during opening hours, guaranteeing minimal trading disruption. One of the anavar 50mg most desirable properties of resin flooring, that many leave unconsidered, is its ability to achieve a reduction in sound. Resin flooring is capable of reducing the echo of footsteps allowing shoppers to operate in a quieter environment.

Why Choose Us

10 Years Warranty

All flooring systems come with a 10 year performance warranty; this also includes existing systems that require supermarket resin flooring repairs.

Trusted By Global Brands

Acrylicon is proud to have the opportunity to continuously work alongside some of the most reputable brands across the globe.

Easy Floor Installation

Unlike other resin flooring systems, Acrylicon cures in under two hours, allowing us to work overnight elliminating disruption to operations.


Acrylicon Stands Out From The Crowd!

“After contacting various flooring specialists, we can safely say that Acrylicon most definitely stood out from the crowd. Not only did they visit the physical supermarket to determine the most appropriate plan of action, but they have also provided ongoing support after the installation process. We have complete faith in the strength and longevity of our Acrylicon resin flooring!”

Victoria Franks

19th January 2019

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