Slip-Resistant, Waterproof Systems

Public Space Resin Flooring

Acrylicon recognises that public spaces provide a plethora of different services to clients and customers and it is not a case of one floor fits all. Each area has its own requirements to ensure that all staff and clients remain safe at all times. Just a handful of the many public spaces we provide resin flooring systems to are:

  • Leisure Centres
  • Football Stadiums
  • Sports Facilities
  • Train Stations
  • Airports

With this in mind, Acrylicon has carefully constructed a number of individual flooring systems tailored to each public space type. For instance, when installing flooring in a leisure centre, our hygiene wall and floor systems are ideal for use in showers, changing rooms and swimming pools. All hygiene resin flooring systems are non-porous meaning that the materials are sealed tight with no pinholes for bacteria to grow. A fibreglass arming is also added to guarantee that the flooring will be fully waterproof. On the other hand, for indoor sporting facilities such as tennis, basketball, badminton courts etc, there would be more of a focus on creating a non-slip surface. All Acrylicon resin flooring solutions are equipped with slip-resistant properties which can be installed at different degrees depending on the application type, therefore, allowing your facility to meet all HSE guidelines.

Why Choose Us

Worldwide Installations

Acrylicon is proud to have set up offices in 18 different locations around the world from the UK to the Middle East meaning our resin flooring systems are available worldwide.

10 Year Warranty

We are confident that our systems are durable and long-lasting, so provide a 10 year performance warranty. Acrylicon also provides clients with public space resin flooring repairs.

Durability & Strength

Since establishment in 1977, Acrylicon has not changed our resin flooring formula. It still remains the strongest and most durable system on the market.


Looks As Good Today…

“Middlesbrough FC Stadium installed the Acrylicon Flake resin system throughout their stadium concourses and walkways in 1995. To date, they have had over 10 million footfall on their floors and have spent little or no money on maintenance. The floors continue to be resilient, hard-wearing and easy to clean. They also look smart and show no sign of ageing, which is quite unique for a resin floor that is over 20 years old. Entrances have been treated with extra slip resistance for added safety. The floors continue to perform as they did from day one; they don’t show any signs of ageing and cope with a lot of traffic from the public as well as pallet trucks and scissor lifts.”

Darren Kearton

14th January 2017

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