Why Partner with Acrylicon?

Our History 

In the middle of the seventies, several studies showed that nearly everybody in manufacturing industries had the same requirements for a good flooring solution: It would have to be hygienic, easy to clean and maintain, nice looking, slip resistant and, of course, it should last for a long time. On the background of these studies, AcryliCon founder and current CEO Bjørn Hegstad started his research into how to create a resin flooring system which would meet all these requirements. In 1977, after several years of research, development and trials, the Acrylicon Decor System was born. It was created out of a need within the Norwegian food sector, especially the fish industry that required hard wearing floors that stood up to the stresses and strains of processing. AcryliCon was taken internationally in the mid 90’s by several multinational clients who wanted the same standard of flooring across all their worldwide facilities. We have grown to now have representation in the UK, Canada, America, Egypt and Middle East, the Caribbean, the USA, Ireland, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, Russia, Sweden, South Africa, the Republic of Korea and Thailand.

The creation of our modern production facility in Germany cemented our place on the world stage, providing high-quality research and development laboratories and an exceptional level of quality control. AcryliCon has developed to become an international company with many prestigious installations. Today we continue to expand across the world, wherever clients require solutions to their flooring problems.

Invented in Norway…made in Germany…installed worldwide!

Our Products

The products behind our floor and wall systems are at the cutting edge of technology. For over 40 years AcryliCon has been providing high quality, long lasting industrial flooring to clients from different market sectors.

AcryliCon started laying floors in 1977 and have since then continually improved our systems and laying techniques. It is a testament to the chemical composition of the flooring that our oldest jobs are still available to view. We offer fantastic value for money, with many of our customers carrying out little or no maintenance over the first 15 years. As one customer said, “It’s realistic to believe in a longevity of 30-40 years”.

AcryliCon resins are thermoplastics, which means they are reactive and achieve a chemical bond between each installation layer. This results in a monolithic system with virtually no risk of delamination. Each new layer (primer, body coat and sealer) chemically fuses to the previous layer, creating nearly an unbreakable bond. Acrylicon Systems can be easily repaired and quickly refurbished in the case of any mechanical damage. It can also be bonded directly to drainage channels, without the need of an expansion joint, which creates a weakness that is often the cause of future issues.

Our systems have an extremely high compressive strength because of the way the resins are uniquely formulated in production and with over 40 years of successful track record, we are confident that our compressive strength does not diminish with time. Some of our oldest references that are 20 or 30 years old show no significant signs of degradation, cracking or brittleness in full service, offering proof that the strength has not deteriorated with age. Acrylicon’s formulation and design ensures our floor systems maintain their physical properties over time, unlike many other resin flooring companies.

Who is an Ideal Licensee?

The ideal Acrylicon Licensed Contractor is one that shares our values for high quality products and installations and a desire to give our customers a better solution. They should be experienced in sales and installation of Resin Flooring or Industrial Coatings.

Skills required will include:

  • The ability to cold call to generate Sales Leads and conduct effective Sales Meetings at all levels.
  • A willingness at all levels of the company to learn new information and apply it quickly.
  • To have good People with the ability to manage at both site and office level i.e. project management and installations, as well as sales and administration.
  • To be part of the Acrylicon Family and work with other Acrylicon License Holders for the betterment of everyone’s businesses and knowledge base.
  • To be able to work to the high standards set by Acrylicon to protect and enhance the brand.
  • The ability to treat everyone fairly and with integrity and to do the right thing, even when difficult.
  • To be fully IT Literate and learn and use Acrylicon’s systems and processes.
  • To be English Speaking (English is the international language of Acrylicon)

The Acrylicon Offer

After an initial trial period, Acrylicon offers the Licensed Contractor exclusive rights in a territory to sell and install the Acrylicon Product Range. In turn the Licensed Contractor agrees to only sell and install the Acrylicon Product range. Acrylicon provides support with training, marketing and a full range of proven business systems to make the most of every opportunity.

What is the investment?

For the initial investment, Acrylicon offers a wide-ranging package to get the New Licensed Contractor up and running as soon as possible. These are tailor-made for each potential Licensee depending on their location, situation and territory size and include:

  • A materials start up kit which enables the New Licensed Contractor to install small floors in any of the Acrylicon Systems.
  • Creation of a Business Start-up Action Plan.
  • Comprehensive Sales and Product Training to be able to confidently sell Acrylicon Systems from the start with a proven Sales Method.
  • Marketing Support including Brochures, References and Samples.
  • Installation Guide Book and How-to Videos.
  • Access to the Acrylicon CRM system as well as an Acrylicon email address. This is free for the first year and includes all the document templates/business systems needed.
  • All leads and enquiries passed from Acrylicon’s websites as well as from the other Licensed Contractors when a job falls in their territory.
  • Technical support.
  • Products made in the world’s most technologically advanced polymer factory.
  • A pool of similar Licensed Contractors to talk with and learn from (the Acrylicon Family).

Branding and Accreditation

Once the CNC (Confidentiality and Non-Competition) and Licence agreements are signed, the Licensed Contractor has immediate access to Acrylicon’s branding and accreditation, built up over 40 years of good reputation, as well as all marketing. The Acrylicon products also have a number of certifications such as M1, BREEAM, TUV, ISEGA, ETA and CE which the Licensed Contractor is able to present to their clients.

How do I find out more?

Click the link below and send us a message stating your company name, information and experience.

Our History

Discover the fascinating history behind Acrylicon and the scientific development that lead to the strongest resin flooring in the world.


Take a look at the many leading bodies that have accredited Acrylicon and our unique technology. Our flooring is recognised worldwide as being the most durable and long lasting.