Is It More Economical To Replace Or Repair A Resin Floor?


Is It More Economical To Replace Or Repair A Resin Floor?

Is it cheaper to repair an industrial floor or replace it? This is a question we come across time and time again with our customers and one really worth exploring.

Although replacing a floor might seem like a big investment initially, choosing a resin flooring system that can last well over 20 years means, in the long run, you save money.

There can come a time when a resin floor has got to the stage where it needs constant repair and maintenance. You would like a new industrial floor but get stuck in the routine of repairing problematic areas.


How Much Does An Industrial Floor Cost To Replace?

Many companies get into a rut of constantly repairing old and tired floors, throwing good money after bad and wrongly assuming a new floor will cost them too much.

Even though the initial investment cost of a new floor can seem high, there is a simple way to calculate when it is right for you to consider a switch to save money and disruption to your production. Start by working out what your current floor is costing you annually now:

Is It More Economical To Replace Or Repair A Resin Floor?

To compare this against what the annual cost of a new floor might be:

Is It More Economical To Replace Or Repair A Resin Floor?


Considerations For Industrial Floor Repairs:

Your current cost: You have a 500 m² food production area that is 5-6 years old and are having to repair it 3 times a year.

Assuming a repair cost of £2,500 per visit and a 2-day shutdown for the repairs to be installed and for the floor to cure with a loss of revenue of £5,000 per day of the shutdown, by using the first formula we can see the floor costs you £37,500 per year.


What Resin Industrial Flooring Options Do I Have?

To install a new resin floor with a like for like replacement in the same area as above, it will take 5 days to install and a further 2 to cure. You are being offered the floor for £20,000 and will be given a 3-year warranty.

Assuming the same loss of revenue due to shutdown as above, by using the second formula we see this costs you a total of £55,000 divided by the 3-year warranty, so a cost of £18,333 per year, already saving you £19,167 per year. But……after the 3 years, you’re back in the maintenance cycle and associated costs.


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If you were to consider an Acrylicon Flooring solution:

You could replace your old floor with an Acrylicon System. This long-lasting resin floor may cost you more, but you get a 10-year warranty. Due to Acrylicon’s unique chemical construction, you get very high compressive strengths and floors that fully cure in 2 hours.

This allows for the resin floor to be installed over a series of nights or weekends and you can resume production on it each morning, causing you no loss of revenue due to production shutdown. By using the second formula you can see that if this floor costs you, let’s say, £40,000 when divided by the 10-year warranty, it’s the cost of £4,000 per year.

This saves you a massive £33,500 a year over repairing your current floor and which equates to an even greater saving of £335,000 over the 10-year warranty period. The best way to check the life expectancy of a floor is to ask to see one.

If a company says their floor lasts 5 or 10 years, ask to see a floor of that age. Acrylicon’s 10-year warranty covers Design, Manufacture and Installation as these all happen within the Acrylicon Group of companies. This is unique in the marketplace and in the unlikely event your floor fails to perform, we fix it.


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Contact Acrylicon

Acrylicon can perform floor repairs at weekends and out of hours to ensure minimal disruption to your business.

To arrange a free no-obligation floor survey from one of our local experts, get in touch.

About Acrylicon

Acrylicon, the go-to industrial flooring company, has been implemented by Unilever, Walkers, McCain, Network Rail and many more companies that understand the cost implications of shutting down.

Their fast cure combined with the immense compressive strength saves you time, money and hassle when it comes to your industrial flooring. They can work at weekends or in business downtime to ensure minimal disruption to your daily processes.

With a life expectancy of up to 4-8 times longer than traditional resins, Acrylicon’s unique chemical composition ensures you get better value for money than from any other resin floor available.

Acrylicon’s long-lasting resin flooring is used across a variety of sectors including in food factories, commercial kitchens, warehouses, hospitals, supermarkets and car parks.

All new flooring comes with a 10-year performance warranty for complete peace of mind. Every installation is carried out by trained and certified regional installers so there are no split warranties.

  • Author: John Marais
  • Date: 6th Nov 2020