Refurbishment of Kitchen & Showers

Project Duration – March 2022 to November 2022

AcryliCon was chosen by Galliford Try to undertake the works due to our proven high quality, long lasting and fast cure resin systems, as well as our experience of delivering complicated refurbishment works within short time scales.

About The Project

“The scope of the project involved the complete refurbishment of 80no shower cubicles and 10no kitchens, these being spread throughout 3no house blocks of two storeys, comprising of 2no blocks of 32no rooms and 4no kitchens and 1no of 16no rooms and 2no kitchens.

The various wings of the houseblocks had their occupants decanted as the works progressed and re-populated after completion of each phase of the works.

Security procedures had to be maintained and complied with at all times for the contractors including being escorted and supervised by custodial staff at all times.

The AcryliCon scope of works included all preparation works, this involved grinding and sand blasting of the shower walls, ceilings and grinding kitchen floors as required.

New centrally located floor gullies were installed by AcryliCon within each shower, the floors then laid to falls to improve drainage, in the process AcryliCon constructed a shower tray, in contrast to the original design that had no control of surface water.

Shower walls and initially some ceilings had the complete Acrylicon system applied, but as the project progressed, the nature of materials employed were changed to adapt to the unique site requirements and conditions.

The kitchen floors were completely re-laid to give a hard wearing, slip resistant surface and coved skirtings incorporated to provide a totally protected area.

The Acrylicon system was used to provide a fully warranted, waterproof and resilient finish in all affected areas.

Due to the nature of this project, it required a close-knit core of contractors who worked in unique conditions and site-specific restrictions, AcryliCon acquitted themselves successfully into this situation and their interaction and co-ordination with other contractors made the project run smoothly”.

David Duff, Project Director, Galliford Try

Products Used

  • Acrylicon Industry System – creating bund walls and bedding in drains
  • Acrylicon LevellingScreed – for creating the substrate screed to falls
  • Acrylicon Décor System – for floor and cove
  • Acrylicon Wall System – for walls and soffits.
  • All products cured in 2 hours, allowing for fast track installation.
  • All products carry a turn-key 10 year warranty, and have a life expectancy of over 20 years.


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Project Pictures

Oakhill Kitchen Refurbishment - Fast Cure Resin Flooring Systems
Kitchen Fast Cure Resin Flooring Systems | Acrylicon
Shower Fast Cure Resin Flooring Systems
Kitchen Fast Cure Resin Flooring Systems - Before And After | Acrylicon

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